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เครื่องขึ้นรูปและบรรจุถุง pouch ความเร็วสูง

Posted on March 02, 2015 . .



We take the liberty to introduce LUX-24 machine which is ILAPAK latest packaging technology to form-fill and seal standing pouches at high-speed from Italy.   Here are some of the machine high-light

  • Unbeatable ratio price machine /output achievable 
  • Packs can be provided with emptying-spouts, drinking-straws, carry-handles, scoops and zipper locks.
  • Easy machine inspection and cleaning, fully machine wash-down
  • Possibility to work from either film-reel or from pre-made bags
  • Limited down-time for size change-over (30 minutes)
  • Full machine diagnostics via HMI

          -    Multi-media manual on board the machine

-   Overall Equipment Effectiveness in real-time

-   Possibility, on request, of diagnostic of finished pouches (thermo-imaging of seal quality)

  • LUX-24, depending upon the type of product-feeding device the machine is equipped with can be used to pack solids, liquids or paste. Filling of multiple products of different nature in the same pack is a possibility.

The combination of intermittence motion during pouch forming and continuous motion during filling, innovative and newly patented engineering solutions make possible achieving outputs even twice as fast as technologies so far available in the market.

We would be obliged to be offered the opportunity to present LUX-24 to technical Teams any time convenient at first demand.   Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have !

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Last update: March 02, 2015


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